Sagittarius love horoscope january 11

Sagittarius love horoscope for january 11 12222

Take some time to sit down and make a list of everything that you need to get done, making sure to prioritize.

Sagittarius Horoscope - Love for January 11,

Consider yourself lucky if you can confine the list to a single page! A sum of money could be coming your way, above and beyond your usual income. This could be a bonus, a settlement, or perhaps even a gift of some kind. You could put it to work making some changes in your home, perhaps repairs, perhaps remodeling or redecorating. This may seem like a rather daunting prospect, but you'll have both the energy and enthusiasm in addition to the money. Go to it! Have you ever thought of yourself as a CEO, or in any other kind of leadership position? Unless you are already an accomplished businesswoman, today is a great day to begin a project involving other people, and you will be the one in charge!

The masculine side of your personality will come out in your in your decision making, and in your charisma with other people. Go for it! After all, this is the first day of the rest of your life! Your creativity will be high, inspiring you to paint or write. If your boss is none too tolerant about you taking some time off today to satisfy your muse, then at least take some small steps to ensure your abilities will not lie fallow. How about signing up for a class or joining a writing group?

The ongoing contact and support with give your innate talents a big boost. Your radiance and brilliance upstage everyone else today! What presence you have. You are a star!

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Your wish is anyone's command, and the people around you may be counting on you to be their leader. But although you enjoy this social role, you shouldn't forget to indulge more private pleasures. A little gift for yourself, an adventure just for fun, or perhaps simply some time that's all yours and yours alone might be just what you need.

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You have no trouble juggling several projects at the same time and your ambition only grows as a result of your tireless performances. Do whatever you can to restore harmony in your relationships before bonds become irreparable!

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This is due to having such independent thought that it finds it hard to find anyone to agree with them. May 2nd Planetary Influence. Eventually you'll explain what it all means, but until then, keep to yourself. Any Questions? After that, things become more complicated.

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Chrisleys cleared of tax evasion charge. Nothing gained. It's good to take risks in love. Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius, so love becomes an adventure where the risks you take help you to learn and grow in a way that deepens your ability to love in a new way. Aries, it's easy to find yourself wanting to take a few adventures.

You may be more willing to take a risk and go on a road trip with friends, family or a loved one.

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You may be learning something new this weekend which can give you a desire to start a new project that you love. Taurus, your desire to learn and grow can be found by working with others in group settings. Joining a book club or looking up dance meet ups where you can learn to master a dance that you've always wanted to try might be fun this weekend, too. You may find it easier to connect with others that you have never met before and find a person who has potential to be more than friends.

Cancer, your desire to have a healthy relationship comes with no strings attached and that is a good thing.

You can express your interests being a bit more fearless, and if you sense there are red flags, this time you won't ignore them or make excuses for poor behavior. Lessons that have been learned are in practice now for you and it's to your advantage. Leo, love can be found in all forms of expression for you today. You may be enjoying funny videos online or find chick flicks and rom-coms even funnier than usual.

Plan a date night at home even if it's a party of one. Your life has love in it, no matter what. Virgo, if you decide to spend dinner at home, why not make it extra romantic and fun. Make the home an inviting place for love by lighting a candle, playing some soft music and spend a moment staring at the stars. Libra, communication is so important and you will find those who are good listeners a gem of a resource today. Writing by hand letters to friends and sending them in the mail can be a warm surprise to those that live long distance.

You may enjoy this form of sending your love, too. Scorpio, the best things in life are free but sometimes you have to buy what you want. If you've been delaying on a particular purchase due to wondering if you should invest in yourself, reconsider and splurge.

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Sagittarius, your life takes on a new meaning and things grow in a positive way for you at work, home, and in love. You may be getting lots of fun attention from various friends and this can be a good thing if you want to have fun instead of working through the weekend.